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Manufacturers of Display Products.

Driven by passion and experience, we are here to help you achieve your dreams.

01 / Luxury Packaging

We employ the highest levels of quality while catering for many high-class brands. Each method of packaging is a complementary reflection of the product while, most importantly, staying true to the brand. We cleverly marry both to maintain the luxury concept and style being promoted without it being ’lost’ in the packaging.  

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02 / Interior Design & Furniture

Our specialized design team has a good understanding of manufacture and materials. We take an initial client brief and turn it into reality using design creativity and the latest production methods and materials, incorporating the latest technical developments and engineering knowledge. We create luxury bespoke creations with our on-site teams of engineers, fabricators, model-makers and carpenters, who manufacture to the highest levels of quality.  

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03 / High-End Displays

We provide all forms of displays for high-end luxury brands. These include window displays, product glorifiers, point of sale and shop fitting. As bespoke fabricators, we can be involved in as much or as little of the process as is required. Our ideology is always to put the client first. With extensive experience in niche areas, customer engagement, brand awareness and identity, our accomplished teams can offer guidance on the best processes to use in order to reach a successful end result.

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04 / Art Production

Artistic production can be defined as the creation of beautiful or significant objects designed by our artist clients. At Zone Creations, our talented fabricators continue to raise the bar in our industry while meeting the most demanding artists’ needs. Our imagination, insight and production capability are paramount in the transformation of artistic ideas into high-end works of art.

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