About Us

Zone Creations is an established leading multidisciplinary design and fabrication company based in South London, demonstrating excellence and quality in design.  Our methodology remains one of progression and dynamism in all ways.  We view ourselves as boundary-breakers with a flair for creating the extraordinary. Our passion is shown in our eclectic client creations, the variety of skills we offer and our drive to get the job done.   

Our aim is to combine the highest quality of manufacture with an exceptional understanding of design. We pride ourselves on having a keen eye for detail and an energetic drive to take your project seamlessly from beginning to end.  We invest and actively work towards reducing our impact on the wider world both socially and environmentally.  We are innovators, boundary pushers and manufacture experts as our staff are fully trained in their areas of expertise, which adds to the foundation of our longstanding client relationships. 

One of many highlights on our journey is the honour of having been awarded a Royal Warrant.  We feel highly privileged to have this acquired this achievement.  We continue keeping up with an ever-changing market by investing in new and innovative technologies and continually striving to be the best in our field.


Design, Laser Cutting, CNC-Routing, Fabrication, Assembly, Wood Working, Lamination, Forming, Polishing, Casting, Painting & Finishing, Engineering and Metal Work.
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