High-End Displays

At Zone Creations, we personify creativity in our production of luxury displays across many platforms, including point-of-sale retail displays and experiential brand campaigns.

Our creative solutions enable global brands to promote their products, increase their visibility and engage with consumers.  We believe that innovative, very high-quality and visually aesthetic displays can do great things for one’s brand and boost one’s product sales.

We have a strong focus on technically challenging displays where the functionality and aesthetic need to be combined to ensure a seamless integration into a feature campaign piece. This type of project can vary from motion-controlled visual displays, vaporised alcohol systems through to interactive animatronic vending machines.

Our team of skilled craftspeople make bespoke products from a wide range of materials including metal, plastic, fabrics and wood, which are all located within our workshop and factory in South Wimbledon, London. We also have a diverse range of machinery and techniques allowing us to cater for the most creative of ideas.

As with many of our clients, we take our commitment to the environment and workplace seriously. We have many ambitious environmental targets to reduce waste, increase recycling and improve energy efficiency. We are members of SEDEX, a 'not-for-profit' organisation dedicated to driving improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains.

Tiffany & Co Giant Factice

Client - Tiffany & Co

Designed by The Persuaders

Fabricated by Zone Creations

The giant Tiffany’s perfume bottle was created from several CNC-milled blocks of clear Perspex plastic. Four sides, a top section and two laminated layers for the bottom formed the main body of the perfume bottle. The lid was made from three more layers carefully laminated together.

Thameen Vapour Unit

Client - Thameen

Conceptualised by Vincent Villeger

Fabricated by Zone Creations

We have manufactured four large vapour unit bottles from clear-cast Perspex. Accessories included blue tinted lacquer and gold-cut vinyl text logos. The lids were 3D CNC-machined from layers of modelling board which have been glued together, sprayed black and accessorised with gold-mirrored acrylic. The riser was also modelled in 3D and manufactured from laser cut Perspex, PVC tube and stainless steel.

Thameen Window

Client - Thameen

Conceptualised by Vincent Villeger

Fabricated by Zone Creations

Our craftsmanship, skill and passion speak volumes in this alternative display. With scenes akin to that of the apocalypse, this ingenious window display features accurate CNC machining, specific colour matching and hidden illumination in the large Thameen factice and floating miniature perfume bottles for a spectacular night-time visual effect.


Client - Boucheron

Designed by HWVisual

Fabricated by Zone Creations

Photos by Toby Merritt Photography

Hotel de Noce

Working closely with HWVisual, Zone Creations have created these stunning window displays aimed at a global roll-out for Boucheron in Paris. The process included DTM printing directly onto melamine- faced MDF. The disguised material of choice was then laser-cut to create a beautiful 3D effect. A combination of contrasting colours and the addition of a miniature laser-cut brass pagoda, a birdcage and a photo frame have been applied to make this elegant display a great aesthetic. ⠀

Shanghai Chicken

Client - Dewar's

Conceptualised by Glock Agency

Designed and fabricated by Zone Creations

The main aluminium frame was welded together and an oak veneer internal structure was installed to house the chicken model. We created an egg slide underneath and lit the display with LEDs and amusement park-style bulbs.

The client specification called for the chicken to lay an egg when a token was inserted. This required a ‘magazine’ of discreetly hidden eggs to be installed behind the chicken which would then accurately and reliably dispense an egg each time the display was activated.


Client - Decorté

Conceptualised by Design Tank

Designed and fabricated by Zone Creations

We have produced these make-up display stands including fixtures, main back walls and finished with built-in storage. Mirroring Decorté’s sleek appearance and style, the stands exude elegance, multi-functionality and striking illumination.

Carolina Herrera

Client - Carolina Herrera

Designed by Key Display

Fabricated by Zone Creations

Our creation for Carolina Herrera, consisted of creating and constructing six static large wheel display units, as well as several smaller complementary display items. The process entailed using a central, clear carrier panel which was adorned with flat, red-mirrored acrylic, ruby-style shapes.  The outer frame as well as the edges were embellished with a brushed brass Rowmark, while the lettering was laser-cut from gold-mirrored acrylic and affixed to an acrylic base plate covered in red vinyl.

Silent Pool Garden

Client - Silent Pool Distillers

Conceptualised by David Neale Landscapes

Designed and fabricated by Zone Creations

Chelsea Flower Show 2019

This beautiful, extremely captivating Perspex waterfall, designed and manufactured by Zone Creations, is our largest single-panel engraving project to date. The Silent Pool Gin botanical pattern was CNC bevel-carved onto a full sheet of 20mm Perspex, then accessorised with spray paint using a lacquer mixed with a precise amount of tint to achieve the distinct Silent Pool brand colour. The result: an outstandingly picturesque waterfall.