Clive Christian Absolute Perfume

Client - Clive Christian Perfume

Conceptualised by: Clive Christian Perfume

Crafted by: Zone Creations

Clive Christian Perfume is a leading independent British perfume house and creator of fine fragrances, so we needed to create luxury packaging that would showcase their perfumes and enhance the opulence of such rare and beautiful products.

With our speciality in luxury packaging design and custom wood boxes, we captured the breathless luxury, British craftsmanship & timeless elegance which is incorporated in every perfume.

We created a solid maple wall box, 1mm veneered burr Walnut or Birds eye Maple to all outer surfaces with a very smooth finish to enable a high build gloss finish.  Produced in 3 colourways, from the natural Walnut tone, through to a green stained birds eye finish.  Including premium gold quadrant hinges, gold push button and cover feet in gold; exquisitely lined with nabuka prestige blanc or black fabric.  Branding was etched on the internal box plaque with personalization included.