Furniture & Lighting

Client - Lutyens Contemporary

Designer: Lutyens

Fabricator: Zone Creations

Six-pointed star pendant

This beautiful light pendant exhibiting an unusual six-pointed star and a triple-coloured cord has been accurately cut to showcase unfrosted Perspex on a wooden light pendant. A bold yet incredibly attractive piece of art intermingling wood and Perspex in an unconventional manner.  

Amber Cardinal Hat

Our engineers constructed all the components which were milled and hand-turned from solid brass. Each part has been assembled using mechanical fixings or silver-soldered for a seamless bond. The lamp is height adjustable and the large base spun in a traditional manner combined with being weighted for stability. All brass components were finished in bronze to exact specifications. The unique marbled halo was hand-poured from epoxy resin.

The Concentric Hoop

The Concentric Hoop chandelier is one of Lutyens signature pieces. This version features eight hand-built brass bulb cages; assembled using the traditional silver-soldering method then mounted to hand-spun brass rings. All components are copper-plated and individually aged. The large support rings are from solid oak and have been dark-stained to the customer's specification.