Glenfiddich 50 Years Old Simultaneous Time

Client - William Grant & Sons

Conceptualised by Here Design

Engineered by Zone Creations

The outer casing of the 50 Year Old is an artistic representation of the climatic data that created this extraordinary whisky. Hot summers speed up the maturation process and cold winters slow it down – dramatically affecting the outcome of the liquid. These climatic conditions are unique to that time and day, they can never be replicated. Manuel Jiménez García, a computational architect, decrypted the meteorological data into an algorithm, and generated a physical design language to build the structure’s bespoke form bringing life to every second of every day, of every month of those fifty years.

The striking outer packaging created for both whiskies visually deconstructs and proudly brings to life these articulations of time in spectacular form, telling their stories through maverick and disruptive design techniques.