Greenwich Regulator

Client -

Designed and fabricated by  Zone Creations

The Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was only the second such anniversary in British history. Zone Creations and Comitti of London came together to create a concept for The Greenwich Regulator. Our philosophy remains dedication to design specification on all projects. Diligent research on many materials has led us to choose Perspex in the production of this beautiful clock case, which was split in three parts for the base, movement case and crown.

The base was fabricated from thick blocks of clear Perspex to ensure stability and also featured moulding details that were both
CNC-machined and handmade. The movement case was manufactured to precise dimensions to ensure that the movement was held in true alignment. The movement itself was an extremely precise mechanism that was designed to run for a full month on a single wind. The front door had a glass centre panel, hinged open to allow access to clean and wind the clock. The crown featured machined moulding details and a hand-turned Perspex finial which sits at the very top.

The clear acrylic components were glued together using a specialist bonding adhesive; a time-consuming process, which gives strong and water-clear joints. All parts were hand-polished to ensure the perfect finish. Our in-house engineers handmade brass door hinges and the door catch, which was either gold- or rhodium-plated to match the finish of the clock movement.