Royal Salute, The Coronation of King Charles III Edition

Client - Pernod Ricard

Conceptualised by: Pernod Ricard

Crafted by: Zone Creations

In keeping with Royal Salute’s signature style, the Coronation – King Charles III Edition pack is presented in an exquisite hand-made rigid wooden box with a magnetic closing.  Made with oak veneer MDF and bamboo, the case features engravings inspired by the architecture of the iconic Westminster Abbey, with details intricately chiselled into the wood, paying tribute to the historic setting of British Coronation ceremonies since 1066.

Electroformed gold-coloured decals form a frame around the front of the lid, while small diamond-shaped decals are inset on the box front, featuring a lion’s head on the top panel and another on the inside.

Gold-coloured aluminium diamond-shaped plaques on the inner and outer lid of the case further enhance the exclusive feel of the packaging, while complete branding is displayed on the back panel.

The jewels and crests of each country forming Great Britain were the inspiration for the artwork inside the gift box, symbolising the unity under the Crown and enduring solidarity between the nations.

Oak Veneer MDF - Conforming to UKTR and EUTR and PEFC and FSC.

Bamboo - FSC certified, sustainably sourced. C02 neutral.  Environmental Product Declaration – EPD (EN 15804).