Scent Drop

Client -

Designer - Harvey & John

Fabricated by Zone Creations

A very modern display within a historic Parisian perfume museum was the perfect constellation for demonstrating these ceiling-mounted, floating pendant, scent pot holders hand-made from Corian. The experience was inspired by the 25 most-used ingredients in perfume. We have managed to push the boundaries of what can be constructed using Corian.

Varying considerably in length and size, we have CNC machine-cut Corian segments, which were heat-formed and bent into special jigs to create the adjacent radius required. The next step was to implant each Corian pot holder with a stainless steel tube running through it for power to be sourced from the top to the bottom and the central unit. Thorough craftsmanship ensured that the Corian display amalgamated several pieces perfectly to create a flawless display.