Shanghai Chicken

Client - Dewar's

Conceptualised by Glock Agency

Designed and fabricated by Zone Creations

The main aluminium frame was welded together and an oak veneer internal structure was installed to house the chicken model. We created an egg slide underneath and lit the display with LEDs and amusement park-style bulbs.

The client specification called for the chicken to lay an egg when a token was inserted. This required a ‘magazine’ of discreetly hidden eggs to be installed behind the chicken, which would then accurately and reliably dispense an egg each time the display was activated.

Through a series of prototypes, our talented model-maker developed a ramp system that used weighted buckets to ensure an egg was always ready to go in the machine, thus eliminating any chance of blockages.

As the entire display had to run maintenance free for a number of months’ reliability was a top priority. The display was lit and powered by micro processers with custom software to enable the lights to flash! The wings to flap! And the chicken to peck when activated by a token.